Construction Management Services

CHN Construction LLC

General Contracting and construction management

CHN Construction LLC offers a wide range of general contracting and construction management/owner’s representation services to owners, both for new construction and renovation projects in northeast Ohio. We work with owners to prioritize their needs along with addressing any regulatory requirements that may exist. We work with architects and engineers to design the right scope of services for the owner and each project. Our full service staff works with a wide array of subcontractors to bring the right team together for the project, ensuring that the construction process is smooth for tenants, owners and neighbors.

CHN Construction LLC typically works with its clients in two capacities on construction.

CHN Construction LLC as a General Contractor

• Scope Development

We begin every project by working with the owner and their consultants to establish the best scope of work for the project. This includes understanding the owner’s programming needs, ensuring due diligence to evaluate hidden conditions, identifying issues that may arise, talking to end-users about their needs, and assimilating the information ultimately into a budget that the owner can afford.

• Budget Management

We work with owners to establish a reasonable budget based on experience in similar project types and current market information on pricing. In the event of budget issues, we will work with the team to establish a list of Value Engineering or Add Alternate items to ensure the budget remains in scope.

• Schedule Management

As part of our preconstruction work, we develop a detailed schedule with milestones and review with clients. Schedules are updated periodically with updates provided on a two-week look ahead as requested.

• Transition to Operations

Our team works with owners to understand their new/renovated building, reviewing Operating & Maintenance Manuals and ensuring that the transition to operations is smooth. Our staff schedule subsequent site visits during the first year of operations to assure that owners are satisfied with the project.

• Compliance & Reporting

The projects we work on typically have funding sources that require satisfying hiring and employment goals, along with a high level of reporting. We will work with the owner and funders as necessary to satisfy these requirements, updating our projections throughout the project.

• Work in Occupied Buildings

CHN Construction LLC understands that the work we are doing is disruptive to your residents’ homes and their lives. We work with property management and tenant relocation specialists to ensure that disruption is minimized and that relocation goes smoothly.

CHN Construction LLC as an Owner’s Representative

These services include evaluating a General Contractor’s performance and monitoring the project throughout construction. This typically includes attending weekly owner’s meetings, evaluating change orders and project costs, providing recommendations on any scope changes or issues, and overseeing project completion.

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Current Construction Projects

Our Team

Chris Zielinski, Director of Construction

Chris oversees all of CHN’s construction efforts. He has over twenty five years of experience in Construction Management, General Contracting, and Design Build projects across a variety of industries and uses. He has successfully managed the construction and renovation of more than $200 million worth of construction throughout his career. Chris holds a business degree from the University of Akron, has completed the OSHA safety training, and holds numerous restoration and preservation awards from prior projects.

Lisa McGovern, Director of Real Estate Development

Lisa McGovern has worked in the affordable housing industry for over 20 years, beginning as a property manager for CHN’s scattered site portfolio. She spent 10 years working in development in Seattle and Cleveland, where she completed over $100M in real estate developments including both multifamily and commercial buildings.

Prior to joining CHN, she worked at a regional bank as a lender, providing construction and perm loans primarily for affordable housing projects throughout the country. She is a founding member of the Cleveland Colectivo, a giving circle founded in 2004 that has given away over $120,000 in grants to people and organizations making a difference in Northeast Ohio. Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in urban planning and a master’s in urban studies from Cleveland State University.